Let’s see what tips for IELTS Writing Section to score 9 without any doubt!

Know how to write an essay?  – Introduction – Introduce the topic/prompt appropriately. – Body –Elaborate your ideas with relevant examples. – Conclusion – A solid conclusion can take you a long way.

Read the questions carefully and understand them  This should be the first step of your task.

Brainstorm   Work with them and map out your essay. Take around 5 minutes to jot down the main points and examples that pop into your head.

5 W’s and 1 H   This is a good tip to follow while looking for ideas based on your prompt. What, who, when, where, why, and how. These will allow you to write freely.

Personalize it It helps to add relevant examples and your own opinions (if the prompt allows it) while writing the essay.

Stick to formal language  Do not use text shortcuts and social media slang in your essay.

Avoid repetition and embrace punctuation  Add some flair to your language and avoid dull, repetitive usage of words, for the latter causes the examiner to think that you have poor knowledge.

Build your General Knowledge and peruse IELTS Essay topic You will also get a sense of grammatical intuition, where you just know when a sentence feels off.

Complete all your tasks  Seriously, there is no elaboration required for this one. Completing all your tasks is crucial and removes the chances of penalization on these grounds.