100% Working IELTS Reading Tips To Score Band 9

Read every day : This will build your reading stamina, your vocabulary, and your reading speed.

Read the questions first: This will tell you what to look for when you get to the passage and save precious time.

Reread the questions and understand them : Seriously, a small error in understanding what the question wants can pull you back a long way. Read the questions thoroughly.

Scan, skim and summarize : Skim the passage given to you and look for main ideas, understand the layout, highlight keywords and salient points, and try to find what the passage is about.

Key in the keywords in your head : While skimming, make sure you highlight keywords like dates, places, topics, numbers, etc.

Familiarize yourself with various Question Types and practices: These will help you familiarize yourself with the IELTS Question Types and ensure that you have sufficient practice.

Vocabulary? : Read, learn the words you do not know, and keep reading. This will work far better than memorizing 7000 new words for the IELTS.

Distinguish the IELTS texts : – Descriptive – It is chronological in order and information about a particular topic. – Discursive – It is around a theory or hypothesis based on the author’s research.

Answer all the questions even if you’re unsure of the answer : The IELTS does not have any negative marking, so answer as many questions with as much accuracy as you can!