Saif Ali Khan Ravan: What Saif Say About His Character

In an interview with Film Companion, Saif said that Raavan's persona would be "bigger than (he is)."  

"There will be some deception...  But a lot of it is genuine in the sense that they want us to train...look especially tough.

The idea is that he (Raavan) is India's Satan, the demon king, and I'm not sure what motivates him... 

I was trying to figure out how to achieve this, and I guess the problem is vanity, the embodiment of vanity, so everything stems from there.

Everything - the boons he prays for, the empire he desires.  

His whole viewpoint is very muddled, blind, and vain. 

All of it is normal, but it isn't the essential point. 

He's a beast, and he's powerful and entertaining to play "He said. 

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