PTE is one of the world’s leading providers of secure English language test

Pearson PTE saw a chance to combine the team’s expertise in the English language and assessment with the power and speed of technology, to help people get fast, accurate, objective results.

At Pearson, they add life to a lifetime of learning so everyone can realize the life they imagine.

Their c.20,000 employees do this by creating vibrant and enriching learning experiences designed for real-life impact.

They use sophisticated algorithms based on tens of thousands of real-world data points to score each test.

This allows them to match the expertise and accuracy of a human examiner, but with the precision, consistency, and objectivity that only machine learning can achieve.

They are part of Pearson – the world’s leading learning company

They test ‘international’ English, not just British or American

PTE Academic Online is the at-home version of PTE Academic, which you can use when you can’t reach a test center.

Hundreds of institutions worldwide already accept PTE Academic Online for admissions, and more are choosing to recognize the test every day.