Maharana Pratap was born in a Rajput family on May 9, 1540.

His father, Udai Singh II was the 12th ruler of the Mewar dynasty and the founder of Udaipur.

Pratap, the eldest child in the family, had three brothers and two stepsisters.

Maharana Pratap is known for his military resistance against the expansionism of the Mughal empire and his crucial role in the Battle of Haldighati and the Battle of Dewair.

He had defeated Mughal emperor Akbar thrice - in 1577, 1578 and 1579.

Maharana Pratap had 11 wives and 17 children.

His eldest son, Maharana Amar Singh 1, became his successor and was the 14th king of the Mewar dynasty.

Maharana Pratap died at the age of 56 on January 19, 1597, after he was injured in a hunting accident.

Several states, including Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh, celebrate Maharana Pratap Jayanti in full swing and also declare the day as a public holiday.

His sacrifice and devotion to the motherland will always be memorable