You must select an IELTS speaking cue card for Part 2 of the IELTS Speaking Test.

The job asks you to talk for around 2 minutes on a certain topic.

To enhance and master vocabulary relevant to each theme, practise IELTS speaking topics with friends, families, or partners.

The following are some basic topics on which you may practice for the Speaking Test:

Accommodation & Hometown 1. Let’s speak about where you grew up. What is the location of your hometown? 2. What do you find appealing about it? 3. What is it that you don’t like about it?

Hometown & Weather 1. What is the most well-known feature of your country? 2. What part of your nation do you reside in? 3. Is it a fun location to call home?

Work 1. Do you currently have a job? 2. Is what you do for a living something you enjoy? 3. What are your job responsibilities?

Volunteer work 1. Have you ever had any previous job experience? 2. What was it like on your first day at work? 3. What were your duties at work?

Hometown 1. Could you talk a little about where you grew up? 2. What has changed in your hometown over the ages? 3. Is there any way to make your hometown a better place?

High School & Hometown 1. What is the location of your hometown? 2. How frequently do you return to your hometown? 3. What is the population of your town?