The word count of your essay mostly depends on your educational level, subject, department, course, and tutor’s instructions. But how long is an essay exactly?

It can be words, or pages given as a range (300–500 words) or a particular number (5 pages). If you are not sure about your essay’s length, the number-one tip is to clarify it with your tutor.

If it’s a short essay (400–1000 words), each paragraph usually contains 100–200 words. The introduction and conclusion should be the same in length and shorter than overall body section's word count.

As a rule, admissions essays are short (250–600 words) because board officers have to go through a lot of them daily.

In narrative essays, you have to tell a story, which means sentences can be very long (up to 50 words). But general advice would be to keep sentences shorter than 25 words.

For a 300-word paper, the first and last paragraphs will be about 3–5 sentences each, and every main paragraph will consist of 5–7 sentences.

For a 1000-word essay, its introduction and conclusion should be 4–5 sentences each.

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