Gopal Krishna Gokhale (1866-1915) was an Indian nationalist leader.

President of the Indian National Congress, he also served in the Imperial Legislative Council and founded the famed Servants of India Society.

He was elected president of the Indian National Congress, and he founded the Servants of India Society, dedicated to advancement of the nation's welfare and to the "spiritualization" of politics.

In the same year he was sent by the Congress on a special mission to England to air India's constitutional demands before British leaders.

While there he had several important interviews with Lord Morley, secretary of state for India.

In 1908 Gokhale was again deputed to visit England in connection with the impending Morley-Minto constitutional reforms of the government of India.

In 1912 Gokhale visited South Africa, where he met Mohandas Gandhi in connection with Gandhi's campaign for rights for Indians.

Gokhale also met with Gen. Jan Smuts to assist in securing a satisfactory agreement regarding the position of Indians.

His involvement in so wide a range of public and legislative bodies and his strenuous commitment to the advancement of education had

However, worn him out, and he died in Poona on Feb. 15, 1915.