“How do I make a revision timetable?” This is one of the questions we asked most on Snapchat and WhatsApp.

Step 1 - Figure Out How Much Time You Have To Revise  Whatever category you find yourself in, set a clear deadline so you have something to work towards.

Step 2 - Prioritise Your Subjects/Topic The next step requires some introspection. You need to decide which subjects you currently feel the most and least confident about.

Step 3 - Break Subjects Into Topic You know what they say…Subjects are scary. Topics can be taken down. Ok, that’s not a saying, but it should become one because it’s true.

Step 4 - Allocate 30 Minute Time Slots To Revise Allocate 30-minute time slots to study each topic. Position topics you’re likely to find challenging when you know you tend to work best in the day.

Step 5 - What To Do Within Each Revision Session Your initial revision sessions are going to involve you taking bullet-pointed notes on what you need to learn on A4 sheets of paper.

Step 6 - Stay Flexible It’s ok if you find things slow going, to begin with or you can’t get into a good working rhythm. You will build some momentum eventually if you persist.

Step 7 - Make your timetable achievable Make your timetable achievable by managing your health and stress levels and by allocating time to exercise.