Undergraduate courses at the college level that are equivalent in content to those given in the ALB degree course catalog and in which students received a C or above are usually transferable.

Furthermore, these courses must have been completed in a regionally approved institution at the time of enrollment.

To correspond with Harvard's semester structure, credits are modified as needed.

Harvard will accept up to 16 credits for coursework completed through assessment, like College Level Examination Program (CLEP), or skilled training certified by American Council on Education (ACE).

Students receive four credits for each CLEP test.

Some CLEP tests are not accepted, so check with an adviser before taking one.

A score of 56 is considered satisfactory.

All ACE-approved credit is not accepted by Harvard Extension School.

The experts look over the ACE course descriptions and make their final decisions.

For overseas students, passing a CLEP test has distinct advantages. They can: Get credit for their linguistic abilities.