Preparing for exams? Give yourself the best chance with these top exam tips, and try not to let the stress get to you!

Answer the right number of question

– Read any instructions carefully – Don’t answer too many by mistake – Don’t answer too few because you run out of time

Answer the question asked

– Not the question you think you were asked – Not the question you wish you had been asked – Pay attention to the question rather than writing everything you know about

Take your time

– Give yourself planning time – You don’t have to spend the whole time writing. You can spend time thinking – Good exam answers are not always long answer

Practice previous exam question

– Look over previous exam papers to identify patterns in question – See how specific questions are likely to be – Your teacher may be willing to look at your draft plan

Don’t panic if you think you’ve gone blank

– Take your time – Keep breathing – Brainstorm or just write random words/doodle rather than sit frozen

Learn to use your breath

– It is impossible to be relaxed and anxious at the same time – Focus on breathing out rather than breathing in, breathing out smoothly, slowly but without strain

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