Check the list of all of the best study places near me that I utilize regularly. They’re probably near you, too!

Office Space

Ergonomic office space is about getting the right: – Chair for posture; – Desk height; – Screen brightness so your eyes don’t get tired; – Lighting and temperature to sustain concentration.

Outdoor Seating Area

– Fresh air.  – Natural background noises. Where I grew up, there were many birds and rustling trees around that made for a nice quiet atmosphere while I studied.

A Café

Some of the pros of studying in cafes: – There are minimal distractions; – Other people are studying nearby to give the café a study mood; – There’s food and drink available whenever you need it;

The Local Library

– Has free, fast internet; – Is a really nice quiet place to study in peace; – Has many books, printers, scanners, computers, and other resources to use; – Has a good study atmosphere

A Friend’s House

If you’ve got a friend who is a dedicated, hard-working studier they might also be able to motivate you to study harder and longer.

At The Park

If you’re with friends, bring a frisbee and alternate between 30 minutes of studying and 15 minutes of having a play. We call this the Pomodoro technique.

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