The aim of education is to provide direction to the process of education. There are different aims of education like vocational aim, cultural aim, spiritual aim, intellectual aim, etc.

Social Aim Education can make him be a productive member of society. Every individual is born with some potential.  It is the education that helps the individual to meet his potential.

Vocational Aim The process of education makes the individual be capable of his livelihood so that he can useful and lead a productive life in society. The individual respects the dignity of labor.

Cultural Aim Education has a cultural aim also. By undergoing education, the child becomes civilized and cultured. An educated person develops an aesthetic sense and respects other's cultures.

Moral Aim Education helps in building up the character of an individual. Most values like honesty, justice, goodness, courage, punctuality, and dutifulness are nurtured through education.

Spiritual Aim Education is necessary to promote spirituality among individuals. He raises himself above self-interest & works for welfare of others, which is known as the state of self-actualization.

Intellectual Aim Education provides opportunities for an individual to develop innate power or intellectual capacity to think rationally and lead his life independently with confidence.

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