10 Best Considerations to Find Your Perfect Dog

I'm a very active person, and I want a lively, active dog to run and hike with me.  I will, of course, choose based on the weather in the area.

I'm looking for a dog that is kind and gentle with kids of all ages.  And I will always be there to keep an eye on what they're up to.

My older kids would really benefit from having a dog as a playmate. 

To complement my peaceful lifestyle, I'd want to get a gentle, cuddly companion.

Sometimes I have to put in long hours at work, and I think it would be best if my dog was self-sufficient. 

I like the unique and fascinating, therefore a dog with a distinct personality would be perfect for me. 

Since I've never had a dog before, I want one that's easy to take care of. 

I need a low-noise dog since I am confined to a tiny flat. 

I want a dog who is easy to groom.

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