May 26, 2024

Best Ever Tips For How to Write an Essay fast

We all have different skills when it comes to writing an essay quickly. Some students start writing immediately because they know how to write an essay fast without any outline and preparation, but there are some students who can’t do it without proper planning. If you are asked to write an essay by your professor and are wondering how to write an essay fast, then this post will give you complete step-by-step guidance.

Before you start writing your essay quickly, you need to manage your time accordingly. If you are struggling to draft a high-quality essay, but you don’t have enough time then don’t panic, follow these steps i mentioned below it will help you know how to write essay fast.

Effective Tips on how to write an essay fast

The best way to start an essay is by outlining it. If you have your outline ready, then it will not only help you organize your thoughts but also it will help you write faster. It is possible to write an essay from start to finish in an hour. It includes the time needed to select a topic if your professor does not assign it, important key points, minimum research for your thoughts. Here are important steps to help you on how to write an essay fast.

Plan your time: 

Some students freeze when they have to pick a topic fast for their essay. If you are given the freedom to choose a topic for your essay, then you can relax because one-fourth of your work is already done. Then you should decide what type of essay you want to write. Select a topic about which you already know – something on which you can write without spending too much time on research.

Create an outline of your thoughts:

Your essay will be useless if you are writing it without arranging your thoughts. Do not get distracted by any problems while outlining your ideas. To create an outline of your thoughts, you must start with your subject at the top of the paper. From there, write your primary ideas, under these, list down smaller ideas that relate to more significant concepts.

Write your thesis statement:

Once you are done choosing your topic and putting ideas on paper, you are ready to prepare your thesis statement. A thesis statement tells your audience what the objective of your essay is. Go back to your outline and check what the main ideas you have noted. The thesis statement has two parts first describing the topic and second telling the main objective of your essay.

Write essay Introduction:

Now you have prepared your thesis statement and evidence on paper, you can take interesting elements and information that can be used to create an introduction to grab the attention of the reader. This is the first impression you can put on reader’s mind.

This could be a quote, specific dialogues, or a fun fact. Make sure you connect your introduction with your thesis statement. An introduction is one of the main sections of your essay because from here, your reader will get an idea or overview of what you are going to discuss in your essay body paragraphs.

Body paragraphs:

This is where you are going to discuss your thoughts and explain your topic clearly. All the ideas you have written in your outline will become your essay body paragraphs. Every paragraph of your essay should follow the same format. Start by including your initial ideas in your introductory sentence. Then add your secondary or supporting ideas. Don’t forget to use proper sentence format.

Write your conclusion: 

This is your last chance to restate your evidence, close your topic. Summarize every significant point and give the reader a long-lasting impression or point to think. You should include three to five strong sentences in your essay conclusion. Don’t repeat your main points here. The last paragraph should end the argument but leave room for more research. This is normally done by finishing with a quote or asking a question to the reader. 


After you have completed your conclusion, don’t think your essay is completed. You need to reread your essay, or you can give it to someone else to read it for you.  Check whether your paragraphs are in the right order or not. All your strong arguments should be in the first paragraph and the last paragraph. Check for all grammar and spelling mistakes. 

Final Words: How to Write an Essay fast

Fast essay writing can be an excellent writing technique to check someone’s knowledge and writing skills within a minimum slotted time. Therefore, one needs to craft their ideas appropriately so that the reader can easily understand the main motive of your selected topic. You can easily write your essay if you have adequate knowledge of how to write an essay fast. These tips will also help you study for exams.

Therefore, we have mentioned all the details about the topic, by which you can write an essay quickly. Kindly take into consideration all the points that we have mentioned above while drafting your essay so that you do not miss any important step for essay writing. Select your topic wisely, outline the structure of your essay, compose it on the paper, finally revise your work. Follow all these steps to write an effective essay and get good grades in your academics.

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