April 23, 2024
How To Make Time Go Faster At School

How To Make Time Go Faster At School: Some Effective Tricks

Ever have one of those days when you are waiting for the clock to move fast so that you can go back home and enjoy? How about one of those weeks where there is just too much work to do but not enough time in the day?

Whether you are in elementary school, high school, or college – it can all feel like torture. It seems like the teacher is teaching forever and no way seems like sufficient time to get through all the material. So many students around the world looking for how to make time go faster at school. And its ok if you are looking for the answer to this question.

It’s not just you. This is a universal problem that happens to almost every student who has any kind of extracurricular activities or responsibilities outside of work or school. But every problem has a solution. But believe it or not, some tricks on how to make time go faster at school. These tricks will actually help make your time at school go more quickly.

How To Make Time Go Faster At School

I’d be happy to make some suggestions for you!

1. Eat snacks:

Eat a snack when you are facing the most boring class, if you can. It will make the class less boring because you are eating something good. You can eat multiple snacks throughout the day.

2. Drawing gives you something to focus on:

If class is moving at a snail’s pace or you aren’t in the mood to write your notes out, try drawing them. Let’s take an example of a history class where you can draw a portrait of the president you are learning about. You can also make a diagram of that chemical compound during your chemistry class. Drawing something related to your notes still technically counts as note-taking. This way your teacher won’t get angry with you because he/she will think you are taking notes. 

3. Engage in class discussions:

Engaging in class discussion is the best way to pass your time in school. Class will feel like forever if you just sit there twiddling your thumbs. It will be over before you know it if you find ways to engage. By asking a teacher and your fellow classmates or engaging in study conversations, you are giving yourself something to actively do which will make time fly.

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4. Complete your other subject assignment:

We all know how boring Math classes are sometimes. If there is no way you can concentrate in math class, you can get that English assignment done. It’s never the best idea to stop paying attention in class, but if you really can’t handle it, you can do something productive like doing other subject assignments. Your assignment will need to get done at some point, so you might as well do it now while you’re waiting for class to end.

5. Read Books:

If you can, give yourself some time to read a book. You can read story books or novels during that class. This will easily make time fly.

6. Listen to Music:

Listen to music whenever you can. This is not possible in every class. You can listen to music when you are working independently. At my school, if we are working independently, we usually listen to music.

7. Let your mind wander:

This might not be the best thing to do in order to pass your time in school. You could imagine yourself as a superhero with powers. Daydreaming is not going to help you do well in school, but at least it will help you pass your time without getting you in trouble. It’s okay to daydream. But try to make an effort to come back whenever your teacher is teaching something really important in class.

8. Go To Bathroom:

When you feel like class is going really boring, go to the bathroom. But this is going to work in the strict class. You can usually do this, unless your school has strict rules.

9. Do homework:

You can use some time to complete your other subjects’ homework. If you can, buy some time for yourself to work on homework. Time flies when you really want to Finish homework. When you have too many subjects’ homework to complete you can use your boring class time to complete these homework.

10. Water bottle:

As long as you are doing something, like drinking water, time will fly slowly. But at least you are doing something! It’s not like you should drink water after every minute. Just take a sip of water after every 5 minute. This might not be the best way to pass time but at least it will help.

11. Do small tasks:

Give yourself a unique hairstyle or you can imagine your teachers looking funny, count the beads on your hand bracelet or necklace. You can also play mini individual games, look out of the window, write a story, diary, play with your pencil, bracelet, etc. There are several small things you can do!

12. Ignore the clock on the wall:

Believe it or not but time will go slowly if you keep on looking at the watch. When you pay attention to the passage of time, it makes you hyper aware of how slowly time is moving. You are more likely to feel like things are moving along if you ignore the clock completely. There is an old adage that a watched pot never boils, so keep your eyes elsewhere if you want to pass the time.

These are some of the suggestions for the students who are looking for the answer to how to make time go faster at school or how to waste time in class. Make sure you don’t get caught.

Final words…

Basically, as long as you’re doing something instead of just sitting there and feeling bored, time will go by. Maybe not as fast as you think, but faster than if you were just sitting there. I apply all these things when I have a boring class, and soon, it is time to go home. Just remember, that you will always return back to your home, no matter how long and boring a school day might seem. Unless of outside reasons. So go through these tips on how to make time go faster at school, your time will go faster.

Note: Enjoy going to school as much as you can. I am not saying focus in every class. I know school can be boring, and long, and whatever you want it to be. But one day in the future, you might wish you were back in school, and that you could just sit down. Just saying! Hope I helped!

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