July 18, 2024

Top 8 Unbeatable Essay Writing Tips For Students

Today, studies have become more challenging for students than ever before. Students have to finish their daily tasks (such as essay writing) at the time of their academics. Their teachers give several tasks from time to time. Therefore for some students writing essay is difficult that is why they start looking for essay writing tips.

One of the tasks that teachers assign to their students is essay writing. We may assume that essay writing is an important aspect of the scholarships of students. 

During their studies, they are expected to compose several essays, such as submitting essays for a class or a contest or receiving a scholarship. 

Moreover, essay writing has gained more popularity than assignment writing in the US in the last 5 years.

It has noticed that out of 5 students, 3 students find essay writing a boring and disturbing task to compose essays. 

Since writing essays takes time and students have a lot of workloads during their studies. To write a perfect essay one needs to follow the write practice that means everyday you have to practice a topic with your hand.

Top 8 unbeatable essay writing tips for students

Here we have listed some of the best essay writing tips for students that can help them in writing the well written and an engaging essay:

Know your audience

Firstly if you want to write good, engaging, and perfect essay writing. Then you must know who is your target audience. For example, if you are writing an essay for your class assignment, your audience is the class’s teacher. 

Make sure you are well aware of all the instructions provided by your teacher. Then only can you write the essay according to your targeted audience.

Key point:

You can do some surveys to know your audiences. It will help you to understand what they are looking for and give you an idea of what to include in your essay writing. 

Make some questionnaires and ask your classmates or teachers to answer them. This is how you can do a survey and understand the audience.

 Understand the topic

secondly students need to get familiar with the topic. If your teacher gives you essay writing on a particular topic, you should understand the essay topic properly. 

If you don’t understand the topic, you can’t write the essay. If you have any problems or confusion, don’t hesitate to ask your teacher and clear your doubts. 

Key point:

To understand your topic in-depth, you should check the topic using the W FAMILY. Take a pen and paper, write the answers related to the topic with questions: what, why, how, when, where, and so on. 

This helps you to understand the topic and you will not miss any point to include in your essay writing.

Collect Information

If you know about your essay writing topic, you have to gather all your thoughts and ideas about the topic. But if you don’t have proper and reliable information about the essay writing subject. 

Moreover, you should have to assemble all the important and dependable information that is enough for your essay writing. You can collect information from newspapers, books, or by the use of the internet.

Key point:

Students can collect information from various platforms like Reddit, quora, so on, where people answer your question. Moreover, you can ask questions that you are unable to find out. 

Apart from this, you can check a variety of blogs on the internet to collect quality material for essay writing. 

Important: Always check a suitable writing style for your essay writing, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and so on. This helps you to represent your essay effectively and in a well-structured manner.

Outline details

Also, you must arrange your thoughts in order to compose a good essay. You are able to see connections and similarities between thoughts more easily by taking what’s already in your mind and getting it on paper. 

This structure acts as a base for your article. To jot down the thoughts and arrange them, use either an outline or a diagram.

Key point:

You can divide your thoughts and merge them to make a category. Like, you are writing a narrative essay, then writing your character’s weak and strong points in the category of personality traits. 

This helps you to define your viewpoints more clearly. Apart from this, readers also get a clear vision of your thoughts. 

Start your Introduction

You should start the introduction of your essay early at this point. You should explain what the whole article is all about to the reader in the introductory section of your essay writing. 

We can say in plain terms that the introduction must consist of a paragraph that can easily present the writing of the essay to the minds of the readers. You can also start your essay writing with proper and good quotes.

Key point:

“The first impression is the last impression.” That’s true! Therefore, you must write your introduction paragraph that can create an impact on the reader’s mind. To do this, write a hook line that can attract the readers’ attention. 

Write the thesis statement correctly that can clear your essay motive. Apart from this, be clear, it means avoid confusing statements or sentences. It can discourage your readers to read your essay.

Write the main body points

One of the most significant aspects of your essay is the body portion of your essay. All the key points and concepts that you want to write in your essay writing should be listed in the body part. 

In the body part, you have to write all the important points and specific details about the subject. If you write 2-3 paragraphs, it is not bad. But please keep in mind that there is no need to write irrelevant or unnecessary things.

Key point:

The main body paragraphs are the main paragraphs that you can use to detail your points. Keep in mind that your points must be explained with relevant examples, evidence, or case studies (if necessary). 

Try to add the statistics related to the topics as it helps to attract the readers’ attention. Moreover, it explains that you have researched your topic in-depth. 

Note: You can use websites like statista, ourworldindata, and so on to get the statistics for your essay writing.

Write the Conclusion

The conclusion gives closure of the topic of your essay writing and sums up your general ideas while giving a final viewpoint on your topic. 

Your conclusion should include three to five engaging sentences. Simply review your important points and give reinforcement of your thesis.

Key point:

In conclusion, rearrange your thoughts and write them in short. Avoid adding any new points in the conclusion. This might distract the mind of readers from the main points. 

The conclusion must contain the sum of your body paragraphs points. So that the main body points remain in the readers’ minds for a longer time. Moreover, ask a question and write a call to action statement to motivate your reader to follow your viewpoint.

Proofread & check plagiarism

Once you are done with the essay writing, don’t forget to proofread your writing. This helps you to eliminate all the necessary errors, and make your essay writing flawless. 

Moreover, it has been seen that several institutes, colleges, and even schools ban plagiarism (copied content). Therefore, it is necessary that you must check your essay writings and avoid plagiarism. Otherwise, you might lose your marks.

Key point:

You can use Grammarly to check grammatical errors and eliminate all the errors. The free version of this can help you to eliminate 90% of your writing errors.

To check the authenticity of your essay writing, you can use plagiarism check tools, Grammarly (you can check plagiarism only in the paid version), duplichecker (available free), prepostseo (available free), and much more.

To-check list for essay writing

An essay should be concise and less complicated to read.
Involve a thesis statement in the introduction so that your essay motive gets cleared to the readers.
Outline each main body paragraphs carefully that contain relevant transition words.
Choose correct lines, passages, quotes, or details to discuss your point effectively.
Cite essay writing in the relevant and instructed format, like Chicago, APA, or MLA.
Avoid longer essay introduction. Just write an effective thesis statement and hook line that is short and simple.
Avoid choosing a quotation to substitute the statements.

Final Words : Essay Writing Tips

Hope you follow all unbeatable essay writing tips. I am sure that these tips are going to help you in the long run. Once you adopt these essay tips, you will become habitual of them. This helps you to improve your writing skills and also improve your score. 

Want to get more tips related to your study? Comment your query in the comment section, and I will definitely help you with your study. 

Being an expert, my only motive and priority is to help the students with their studies. Moreover, If you want to know how to write essay fast, without hesitation, contact us now.

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