May 26, 2024

10 Lines On Save Water For Kids

10 lines on save water for kids/students studying in classes 1-5

  1. Water is an essential element for humans, animals, nature, and others.
  2. There is limited availability of freshwater; therefore, we must save water and save life.
  3. Many industries are causing water pollution that is harmful to all.
  4. Always try different ways to save water and drink clean water to stay healthy.
  5. To save water, we must close the taps while brushing our teeth.
  6. Replace bathing in the shower with the bucket and mug.
  7. Try to store the rainwater and use it to give water to the plants and for washing for vehicles, etc., to save water.
  8. If you find any running tap, stop it immediately.
  9. Never throw any plastic waste, like wrappers, etc., in the river as it also harms aquatics (water) animals, like fishes.
  10. Remember the slogan “save water save life” and do your best to save water.
10 lines on save water

 Save water essay (or save water essay in English) 

This is a paragraph on save water (or save water paragraph or save water essay) for the students who are studying in classes 6-8.

Water is an essential element for each living being. The earth covers 71% water in the form of a river, oceans, much more, and only 3% of the water is available as freshwater. Nowadays, several industries and human beings are causing water pollution by throwing waste material in the rivers and oceans. Thus, several aquatic lives are getting affected, and some eventually die. Therefore, we must save water and save life.

Now you might be thinking about how to save water in daily life. Well, to do so, you can reuse stored rainwater for washing your clothes, vehicles and for giving water to the plants. Moreover, you must check any leakage in the water pipes and stop wasting water by fixing it. Reuse water for washing clothes and to clean the floor. So, always try your best to save water as much as you can. Remember: Save Water Save Life.

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