July 18, 2024

10 Lines On My Favourite Teacher For Kids

10 lines on my favourite teacher (few lines on teacher) for kids/students studying in classes 1-5

  1. The name of my favourite teacher is Ms. Jasmine D’Souza.
  2. She teaches us Chemistry.
  3. She is also my class teacher and teaches us daily.
  4. My teacher has a caring nature, and she loves all students very much.
  5. Each student and teacher likes her because she always talks to all politely.
  6. My teacher also plays with my friends and me in recess time.
  7. Ms. Jasmine is my favourite teacher because she always helps me with my chemistry problems.
  8. My teacher also helps me to learn difficult questions quickly.
  9. My favourite teacher tells us stories in his free time and goes on trips with us.
  10. She always teaches us good things.
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My teacher essay (or essay on teacher in English)

In this paragraph, we will tell you about why are teachers important, 3 reasons to be a teacher, and about teacher life.

My favourite teacher is our mathematics teacher, whose name is Mr. Justin D’Souza. He teaches mathematics with fun; therefore, I always love his teaching method. My teachers also help me to solve difficult math problems. He is my favourite teacher because he always cares for each student and others. My teacher teaches us good things, like helping others, be good to others, etc. Therefore, I also want to be a teacher, which is one of the 3 reasons to be a teacher. I think that teacher life is tough because they have to take care of each student and are always ready to help them. Because of my teachers, I can understand why are teachers important? I am always thankful to my teachers for teaching me good things and learning different subjects. I love my favourite teacher for his good and disciplined nature. 

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