May 26, 2024

10 Lines On Holi In English

Lines on Holi for kids/students studying in classes 1-5

  1. Holi considers as the festival of colours.
  2. It is celebrated to remind us that evil never wins over good things.
  3. Holika Dahan is the ritual that is celebrated on the day of Holi.
  4. People celebrate Holi in the March of each year.
  5. On the day of Holi, people wear white clothes.
  6. People play with each other with beautiful, organic, and bright colours.
  7. There are various types of Holi colours, such as red, blue, green, etc.
  8. People also share many sweets like Gujiya on the day of Holi.
  9. Children always wait for this occasion as they love to play with colours with pichkaris, balloons, and buckets.
  10. Hindus celebrate Holi by collecting wood, burning a bonfire, and celebrating by singing the song revolving around it.
10 lines on holi in english

Holi essay (or essay on Holi or Holi festival essay or Holi essay in English) 

This is a paragraph on Holi (or Holi essay or essay on Holi in English) for the students who are studying in classes 6-8.

Holi is the festival of the colours that Hindus in India celebrate. Moreover, it celebrates to remind us that evil never wins over good things. Several rituals followe on the day of Holi that starts from Holika Dahan. It considers one of India’s best festivals as Hindu play with colours and wear white clothes on the day of Holi. Children love this occasion as they play with a variety of colours with Pichkari, water balloons, and buckets.

On the day of Holi, people share specific sweets specifically made for the occasion of Holi, like Gujiya, etc. Apart from this, people collect the wood and make a bonfire and revolve around it by singing the songs. Holi considers to be an important occasion in the Hindu, and several rituals need to follow on this day. Children love this festival because they can play with their friends and family using bright colors.

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