May 26, 2024

10 Lines On Christmas In English

10 lines on Christmas in English for kids/students studying in classes 1-5

  1. Christmas day celebrates on the 25th of December each year.
  2. Jesus was born on this day therefore Christians celebrate it as a festival.
  3. People celebrate it by decorating their house and making delicious food.
  4. People sing songs on Christmas day.
  5. Kids get gifts from Santa Claus on Christmas day.
  6. Kids put stockings on their doors to get gifts from Santa Claus.
  7. Christians love to decorate Christmas trees on Christmas day.
  8. Christians also invite each other to the treat.
  9. In the evening, Christians pray to Jesus and then wish Merry Christmas to each other.
  10. Christmas is a holy festival for all Christians.
10 lines on christmas in English

Essay on Christmas in English (or Christmas essay in English or Christmas festival essay for kids ) 

This is a paragraph on Christmas festival (or few lines about Christmas or an essay on Christmas festival) for the students who are studying in classes 6-8.

Christmas celebrates on the 25th of December each year. It is the cultural festival of the Christian community all around the world. Jesus was born on Christmas day. On Christmas day, there is a public holiday across all the countries or world. And it is also celebrated by non-Christians. On this day, people get together to celebrate it by singing songs and eating cakes and delicious food. Moreover, people put a Christmas tree at their home and decorate it using glitter, bells, and stars. That is why it is always a big attraction on Christmas day. People say that Santa Claus comes to give a gift to the kids on this day. Therefore, Christmas day is the best day because families get together and enjoy the day and their relationship with each other becomes stronger.

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